Stuttering Italian Association

Progetto Demostene, is a  No Profit Italian Association born with the intent to make knowledge and information as part of the stuttering and all the dynamics related to it.
The main task of the Association is the safeguard  of the stuttering subject’s social rights and conditions, as well as providing adequate information about the problem.
The Association Project  Demostene is open  to people stuttering, speakeasy, parents with children stammering, to therapists (psychologists, speech-therapist, doctors)   and teachers.
Therefore, Progetto Demostene  , thanks to the support of volunteers (stuttering people and ex stuttering people who have suffered from this problem), and also thanks to the support of professionals agreement, organizes free:

  • Seminars addressed to all people interested to know about stutter.
  • Local Conferences with the support of  professionals cooperating with the association.
  • It organizes meetings or events of knowledge among all members.
  • It offers information through the web and press.
  • It assures the protection of social rights and conditions of those stuttering, with the help of specialized lawyers .
  • It offers  help to persons affected by stutter.
  • It offers help to parents to understand the problem.
  • It is fighting against misinformation and especially against misleading advertising offering “miracles  courses” . These courses most often are conducted by staff without any qualification, or missing the necessary training to deal with this problem
  • It offers information to staff: doctors, psychologists and speech therapists.
  • It is in conjunction with other International Associations.
  • It reflects the principles of the European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA)